What is Squarespace?

  • Squarespace is an all-around beautiful website platform and host that I use to design websites for clients who are looking for a professional, elegant and simple website. Sites are all template-based but customizable, so I can stylize the site using your visual branding elements, colors, fonts, etc.  It is an all-in-one solution for domain purchasing, hosting, and web design. It takes care of software updates, plug-in installations and online security for you behind the scenes, so you can focus on what’s important in your business.

  • Squarespace builds all known SEO best practices into every site, which gives your site a leg-up in the Google world without too much extra work. All sites are responsive as well (meaning they look lovely on desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone screens!) and very user-friendly for maintaining. Squarespace templates are clean, modern and follow web design best practices right off the bat.

  • Overall, Squarespace is perfect for small businesses, creatives, online stores, blogs, and almost anyone who craves a simple, easy-to-navigate site with basic functionality. Best of all, you have the option to maintain and update the site on your own after it is designed.



More Squarespace Perks!

  • Squarespace has flexibility with their given templates and I can make many desired changes happen. However, this isn't a custom website design service. You can expect that your site will look similar to the template you choose from with your visual branding incorporated and your content placed.

  • All Squarespace hosting plans come with one custom domain name. If you already have a domain name registered, I will help you direct it to your new site as a part of my service. Learn more about Squarespace's hosting plans below.

  • If you need a lot of special functionality and customization with your new site, Squarespace may not be a good fit for you.  I will do my best to make your vision a reality for your online presence using Squarespace using the templates available.